Interpreting Science Practices

The Science Practices that form part of the foundation of the AP Biology Learning Objectives are not or should not be unfamiliar to our students.  Most teachers have students construct models of glucose, lysine, and a dehydration synthesis product.  Our students use mathematics to determine chi square, and the dreaded “water potential”.  Sometimes, though, the practice of scientific investigations in AP Biology classrooms refers to a cookbook lab procedure where students are given the purpose/problem and cookbook steps along with a specific analysis pathway.  So, to help AP Biology students grasp more truthfully how science really works, the required labs have made a definite turn in the road towards releasing restrictions on students.  In place of the constrictions, inquiry labs will provide guidance to students with the hope and expectation that true scientific inquiry will follow.

The purpose of devoting time to understanding the science practices is to help teachers and our students actually “think” about scientific investigations.  Teachers’ lessons will have students posing questions, justifying claims, using mathematics to evaluate evidence, analyzing data.  These will become common practices in our classrooms.

Science Practices

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