Predator-Prey Relationship Activity

Homeostasis, Evolution & Common Ancestry

How do the mechanisms in each group of organisms suggest common ancestry? 

This assignment can be started in-class and then completed for homework.  Time suggestion:  Students should have two class periods for research (one 90 min. block)

Essential Knowledge 2D2c – Homeostatic mechanisms reflect both comon ancestry and divergence due to adaptation in different environments. > Homeostatic control systems in species of microbes, plants and animals support common ancestry.

Assignment:  Student teams (2-3 students) select one of the bulleted illustrative examples below and research the specific topic.  Perhaps each student in the team take one of the three specimens and researches the mechanism in that organism.  On day two the team can gather together and actually answer the question:  How do the mechanisms in each group of organisms suggest common ancestry?

Illustrative examples:

  • excretory sytems in flatworms, earthworms, and vertebrates
  • osmoregulation in bacteria, fish and protists
  • osmoregulation in aquatic and terrestrial plants
  • circulatory systems in fish, amphibians, mammals
  • thermoregulation in aquatic and terrestrial anials (countercurrent exchange mechanisms)




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Class Notes – Cell to cell communication

Cell-to-Cell Communication -Transduction