Big Idea 4 – Interactions

If you have taught for any number of years, you are well aware of how different classes have their own personality. This description of one class vs. another really is a result of the interactions of the parts/people which make up your class.

Different results occur because of how different atoms interact with each other to for various molecules and compounds.  Interactions among certain molecules provide organisms with an energy source; other molelcules interact to form a barrier (selective, perhaps).  And these interactions are not restricted to the molecular level.  Indeed organelles interact with with each other and thei environment to create a unique set of often complex properties.

Big Idea # 4 is all about interactions – from the smallest molecular interactions, to cell organelles, to organ systems, communities and ecosystems.  Sometimes the interactions are competitive; sometimes cooperative.  And since populations of organisms have much variation, this adds to the diversity within the population as well as the resulting  complexity.

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