2D. Effect of Environment and Homeostasis

The effects of the environment on biological systems is the focus of Enduring Understanding 2D.  First, the effects of biotic and abiotic factors affect the health of  cells, organisms and populations.  This link among small cells, a single organism and a whole population gives students an opportunity to make intellectual connections.  This part of the curriculum framework will allow students to find evidence of common ancestry among organisms.  They are guided to do this by considering illustrative examples relating structure and physiology of any number of body systems (e.g. excretion, osmoregulation, circulation, etc.)  Remember, no more is it necessary to “march through the phyla”.  Instead, students will look at illustrative examples to help them connect how the environment selected for evolutionary changes in just a couple of organ systems.  Students will have ample opportunity to learn and gather evidence to understand that if the homeostatic condition of the cell, organism or population is deficient, the effects can be far-reaching and detrimental to the biological system.  Finally, students are asked to consider the immune responses of plants and vertebrates that help maintain a homeostatic balance.

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