It is an exciting time to be teaching Advanced Placement Biology. It is also rather frightening. A new curriculum + eight new labs + What’s all this stuff about Inquiry?  Oh yes, this combination can make for some anxious moments for teachers. This website is an attempt to help minimize some of the concerns AP Biology teachers have when approaching the new course.  The organization centers around the Four Big Ideas. Within each Big Idea page you will find major biological concepts called Enduring Understandings. These overarching concepts are followed by Essential Knowledge – the nitty-gritty biology content students need to know. Content is paired with one or more of the seven Science Practices to form Learning Objectives. And it is the Learning Objectives the will be directly reflected in the AP Biology exam.

Just as “Rome was not built in a day”, the new AP Biology curriculum will not be implemented perfectly in one year. Indeed, the main point for teachers who lead workshops is to afford all AP Biology teachers a certain level of comfort and a decrease in the level of anxiety. It is my hope that will bring comfort and a decrease in anxiousness to my colleagues.The Introduction contains files and links to information that are important for AP Biology teachers – AP Central, The Course & Exam Description, Audit Information, etc.

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